Vice-Rector for development and international cooperation

dr hab. Mariusz Popławski, prof. UwB

tel. +48 85 745 70 65
e-mail: prorektor.wspolpraca@uwb.edu.pl

1999 magister (Master of Laws) of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
2003 doktor (Ph.D.), legal science, Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
2013 doktor habilitowany (Assistant Professor), legal science, Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
2014 Master of Laws in the field of American Legal System, College of Law, Michigan State University

Professional experience:
since 2001 – academic teacher, Department of Tax Law, Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
2005-2012 – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
2005-2011 - member of the Collegium of the Regional Chamber of Audit in Bialystok

member of the General Taxation Law Codification Committee
the main and recommended arbiter by the Eastern Court of Arbitration in Bialystok
member of the International Fiscal Association
member of the Center of Czech and International Tax Law
member of the coordinating council of the scientific network ‘Creation and Application of Tax Law by Local Government Units’
member of the Expert Team for Local Tax Law
member of the scientific council of  "Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review in the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe" journal
member of the permanent team of reviewers in the following scientific journals: ‘Review of Tax Jurisdiction’, ‘Tax Law Quarterly’, ‘Financial Law Review’, ‘Studies of Public Law’
member of the Centre for Information and Research Organization in Public Finance and Tax Law of Central and Eastern European Countries
theme editor in the journal ‘Review of Local Taxes and Self-Government Finance’

Academic achievements:

Author of over 100 publications, including the following monographs:
Tax entitlements. The procedure for enforcing the tax from the State Treasury or local government units, Warsaw 2014, pp. 529,
Overpayment and tax refund. The issue concerning the implementation of tax entitlements, Warsaw 2014, pp. 366,
Institution of a tax refund. Legal nature and functioning, Warsaw 2009, pp. 143.
Resolutions of tax supervision of regional chambers of audit, Warsaw 2011, pp. 297
Introduction to Polish Tax Law, Bialystok 2011, pp. 201,

Personal life:
family: married, 3 children
passions: film and sport