Join UwB in 5 steps!

  1. Fill in Application Form (download)

Please check, if all the requirements below are included:

 Fill it in digitally and send us scanned version back to


  1. Passport Copy

 Send us scanned version to


  1. ICO issues an Invitation Letter of yours

You will need it while applying for visa. A scanned version of the document is send to the proper Embassy/Consulate of Poland. In case you request for original Invitation Letter, ICO will send it by a regular post to your Home University. 


  1. Visa Application 

Visit the Embassy or Consulate of Poland.

You can find a list of Polish missions abroad here: CLICK


  1. Contract signing and 850€* tuition fee payment

Last step is made after your arrival at UwB.

You need to visit the International Cooperation Office after your arrival.

Our address: Swierkowa 20B street, room 11, 15-328 Bialystok, Poland 

*exact tuition fee to be confirmed at the end of June





  1. Student Application Form

Fill in Application Form (download)

Student Application Form must be completed on the computer!


- student must select the Faculty/Institute from the list included on the Student Application Form that best corresponds with their major at their Home University,

- student who would like to apply for a place in a dormitory should check the appropriate box,

- student must obtain official signatures and stamps from  the Home University representative.


Student should carefully and accurately enter their  data into the form, especially their name, surname, passport number, place of birth, date of birth, etc. The University of Bialystok needs this information to issue a letter of acceptance, which is required for the visa process.


  1. Learning Agreement PART A

Fill in Learning Agreement PART A (download)

The Learning Agreement must be completed on the computer!


The document contains PART A – where the student chooses the subjects and PART B – which the student fills out  ONLY when the changes to the subjects from PART A need to be done (after arrival),


Subjects must be chosen from the Learning Agreement Course Selection (download), provided by the University of Bialystok.


  1. English Language Course

A student willing to participate in the exchange program is obliged to present the University of Bialystok with a valid English Language Certificate showing B2 level or above.


In case the student does not have at least B2 level English Language Certificate, gained within 1 year of application date, the student is required to take a free, obligatory online exam determining their level of English within the recruitment process. In that situation, the University of Bialystok will provide a student with: a link, a login, and a password to take the exam on the Online Education Platform. If based on the exams results the student obtains:


- at least B2 level - the student may not attend the additional English language course,


- lower than B2 level - the student is obliged to take the 60h Obligatory English language course (duration – 1 semester, cost - approximately 255 EUR),


- lower than A2 level – if the University of Bialystok is faced with this situation,  a special 200h English language course (duration – 1 semester, cost – approximately 885 EUR) can be launched to accommodate language needs of the students.


The student is obligated to take the exam on the Online Education Platform before the indicated date. Additionally, the University of Bialystok provides the students with an opportunity to take English language courses, which are organized by the Center for Foreign Language Teaching. Please note that the University of Bialystok reserves the right to change the course fee amount as a result of changes in the EUR currency exchange rate or class participant fluctuation


Students who take the English Language course will receive 4 ECTS points.


Find out more about English Language Courses! 


Please check if all the requirements below are included in the forms:

  • photo,
  • signatures,
  • stamps,
  • accommodation request,
  • English Language Course selection,
  • Faculty Selection,
  • Learning Agreement - subjects chosen from Learning Agreement Course Selection.

Fill out the Student Application Form and Learning Agreement digitally and send scanned version back to





winter semester / whole year

summer semester

July 30

November 30




  1. Letter of acceptance


If the forms are properly completed, the University of Bialystok will issue a Letter of Acceptance required to obtain a visa at the  Polish Consulate. A scanned version of the document will be  sent to the proper Polish Embassy/Consulate. In case the student  requests an  original Invitation Letter, ICO will send it by regular mail  to the student’s  Home University.


  1. Health Insurance


A Student must obtain health insurance for entire duration of their  studies in Poland. The health insurance must confirm that the insurer will cover medical costs of at least 30,000 EUR.


  1. Visa Application

Visit the Polish Embassy or Consulate.

You can find a list of Polish missions abroad here.





> Students must have an electronic version of their photo (passport photo format) to receive a Student’s Card. After obtaining a visa, please send the photo to


> After arrival, the student must sign the following documents: the agreement with the Dormitory (if the student was admitted to the  Student’s Dormitory) and the financial contract at the Dean’s Office of the student’s chosen Faculty/Institute. Contract signing and 850€* tuition fee payment is done after the student arrives at the University of Bialystok.

*exact tuition fee to be confirmed at the end of June 2020.



 Student must settle the following payments:

-  3,671.03 PLN per person for a  semester of education at the University of Bialystok, done in one instalment,

- approximately 390 PLN/month per person for Dormitory accommodation, paid monthly,

- if applicable: approximately 255 EUR (60h per semester) or 885 EUR (200h per semester) per person for the English Language Course (payment to be done in PLN)

All the above mentioned payments are made upon arrival.

Students must cover their own travel and visa expenses.