Before you leave

Clearance Slip

Before your departure home, you need to obtain required stamps and signatures on the Clearance Slip. It means you need to visit Students Dormitory, Centre of Foreign Language Teaching, Dean’s Office at the Faculty you studied and International Cooperation Office. In the end, Clearance Slip should be delivered to the Faculty Coordinator.

Questionary Form

You will receive one from your Faculty Coordinator. You will be asked to rank each answer on  a scale 0-5 (where 0 is the lowest and 5 is the highest level of satisfaction). We hope you will also share your comments and experience. Your opinion is valuable for us.

Certificate of Attendance

Faculty Coordinator will certify completion of your 1 or 2 semesters non-degree studies and the dates of your mobility. You will receive a document stating exact dates of your arrival and departure from UwB.

Transcript of Records

You will receive it from your Faculty Coordinator. The document consists of information about: course titles, faculties where they were completed, local grades, ECTS credits, description of the institutional grading system transferred into ECTS grading system, as well as ECTS grading scale, so that both sides can clearly understand what are the educational effects.