Branch of University of Bialystok in Vilnius

address: Kalvariju G. 143, LT-08221 Vilnius
phone: 00370 5 276 67 39, + 48 85 745 79 72
fax: 00370 5 276 67 39
dr hab. Adam Doliwa, prof. UwB

In October 2007 the Faculty members and students started an academic year for the first time at the Faculty of Economics and Informatics of the University of Bialystok in Vilnius. The University of Bialystok is the only Polish university that has a faculty abroad and educates students in Polish language, which is connected with its mission of joining East and West. The purpose of the initiative to establish the Branch in Vilnius was to improve a tertiary education rate of Polish minority in Lithuania, which is now twice below the state average. The situation is caused by migration processes after the World War II. Thus the Branch, as an additional alternative, will provide grounds to minimise such disproportion.
     Today, over 16,000 children attend Polish schools in Lithuania, over 1,500 of whom take school leaving exams every year. They are our future applicants. The research carried out by the Faculty concerns such issues as the application of IT technologies in electronic publications, computer measurement systems, man-computer communication, interface design and evaluation, the economy of Vilnius and Vilnius region in the interwar period, foreign direct investment in Lithuania, and Lithuanian economy’s competitiveness nowadays.
     The Faculty is developing existing courses and planning to open new ones in humanities: European Studies and International Relations, in response to great interests among the candidates. The Faculty has recently extended its premises.

In October 2008 the Association Universitas Studiorum Polona Vilnensis transferred a building complex located in the Vilnius Old Town to the University of Bialystok. Additionally, the collection of approximately 40,000 books has supplied the Faculty library. This has confirmed the presence of the University of Bialystok in Vilnius and has provided the students and scholars with a sense of stability. In the new united Europe the Branch intends to cherish rich academic traditions of Vilnius.

Research projects:
- Ergonomics of computer systems;
- Social and economic life in Vilnius in the interwar period;
- Competitiveness of Lithuanian economy as compared to other countries of Mid-Eastern Europe;
- Foreign direct investment as a factor of economic development;
- Computer measurement systems.