Faculty of Biology

address: ul. Konstantego Ciołkowskiego 1J, 15-245 Białystok
phone: 85 745 83 83
fax: 85 747 01 14
e-mail: biologia@uwb.edu.pl
www: https://biologia.uwb.edu.pl/
dr hab. Piotr Zieliński, prof. UwB


Chemistry was among the first courses in Poland to have received international accreditation granted by the University Accreditation Committee on the basis of agreement with European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTNA). All courses at the Faculty have been accredited by the State Accreditation Committee. Every year several scientific grants are carried out at the Faculty.

The Institute of Chemistry is credited worldwide for research concerning novel advanced materials (like for example nanomaterials), new methods of organic synthesis, environmental chemical analysis, and bioelectrochemical studies.

The Institute of Biology has been successfully working on the use of research concerning the flow of genes between populations in the protection of plants and animal species. The research is carried out in the protected areas of northeastern Poland. Since 2008, in the village Gugny, a modern field station has been operating which significantly contributed to the development of fauna and flora research in the Biebrza Valley. Apart from that, the Institute of Biology carries out laboratory research concerning physiology and biochemistry of live organisms as well as field research on ecology of land and water organisms.

What is more, the Faculty biologists administer outstanding Professor Andrzej Myrcha Natural Science Center, which is visited by thousands of guests annually including many secondary and primary school students.

The Scientific Student Group of Biologists and the Scientific Student Group of Chemists are active at the Faculty. The Faculty scientists participate in the local structures of Polish Botanical Society, Polish Chemical Society, Polish Hydrobiological Society, Polish Biochemical Society, Butterflies Conservation Society and other.


The most important research projects:

- Molecular analysis of relict population of moose Alces alces in NE Poland

- Genetic diversity of plant species as a measure of their evolutionary potential and a base for the conservation activity

- Glycosidic, orthoesters and polyhydroxylic derivatives of biologically active natural compounds of increased bio-accessibility

- Magnetic and structural properties of electrochemically generated nanostructures formed on the basis of porous and structural matrixes.



Biology with the following specializations: General and Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, Experimental and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Environmental Management, Microbiology

Biology and Geography


Natural Environmental Protection

The Faculty is entitled to confer the university degree of doctor of chemical sciences in the field of chemistry and doctor of biological sciences in the field of biology. Moreover is entitled to grant the degree of doctor habilitatus in
biological sciences.