Faculty of Economics and Finance

address: ul. Warszawska 63, 15-062 Białystok
phone: 85 745 77 11
fax: 85 741 46 85
e-mail: weiz@uwb.edu.pl
www: https://www.weif.uwb.edu.pl/
dr hab. Marzanna Poniatowicz, prof. UwB


The Faculty of Economics and Management has full academic qualifications. Undoubtedly, extraordinary achievements of the Faculty students contribute greatly to its success.

The Faculty co - organizes Academic Business Incubators, whose task is a widely understood support for businesses commencing economic activity as well as launching new enterprises on the market and their protection.

 The Faculty carries out EU projects that are important for the entire country, such as: business support programme for young entrepreneurs, granting scholarships for innovative doctor dissertations for extramural students, postgraduate studies “Officials – Competent Advisers”, and the project – innovative database presenting employment perspectives and opportunities.

The Faculty members cooperate with Uludag University in Bursa (Turkey), State University in Georgia (USA), ACES (The Association for Comparative Economic Studies), University of Sussex (SPRU), Belorussian State Economic University (Belarus) in Minsk and the Y. Kupala Grodno State University (Belarus) in Grodno.

The most important research projects:

- Conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in Podlasie;

- Social and economic development of North-Eastern Poland;

- Sustained development on sites of nature conservation value;

- Innovative systems functions during integration and globalization;

- Development of cluster structures in the Podlasie Province and regions of Eastern Poland.



Economics with the following specializations: Contemporary Economy Operation and Development, Regional and Local Economy, Foreign Trade, Corporate Accountancy and Finance, Economics and Regional Development, Enterprise on the Market, Functioning and Development of Contemporary Economy

Economics and Law (in cooperation with the Faculty of Law) with the following specialization: Public Sector, Private Sector

International Economic Relations with the following specialization: International Trade, International Cooperation

Management with the following specializations: Business Management, Public Organizations Management


The Faculty is entitled to confer the university degree of doctor of economic science in the field of economics and the postdoctoral degree of doctor habilitatus of economic science in the field of economics.