The scientific research of the Faculty of Economics and Management focuses mainly on macro-, mezo- and microeconomic problems as well as management of economy, regional management, company management and management of public organizations. It concerns, above all, such problems as: economic growth, sustainable development, international exchange, particular economics, economic and regional policy, economy of public sector, finance, public finance, innovativeness, management.


The most important research topics realized by the departments of the Faculty are: the process of capital forming in peripheral economies, the evolution of public finance in Poland, Polish economic policy in the context of globalization and integration, the basic economic categories of sustainable development, the EU funds and fiscal circumstances versus development of enterprises, the innovativeness and technology transfer in local and country scale, the influence of globalization on the functioning of enterprises, the management of local and regional development, the usage of information tools for management of economical processes, the finance and accounting in management of enterprises, multi-dimensional analysis of variations and soft models with elements of optimization in economic discriminant-comparison research.