Faculty of Education

address: ul. Świerkowa 20, 15-328 Białystok
phone: 85 745 73 90
fax: 85 745 73 95
e-mail: noe.sekretariat@uwb.edu.pl 
www: http://noe.uwb.edu.pl/
Prof. dr hab. Mirosław Sobecki


A high level of research carried out at the Faculty results from the specific character of undertaken subjects and scientific positions held by the Faculty heads.

     The studies on, among the others, intercultural and multicultural education, history of education, preschool and early primary school education, strategies of meeting children’s specialised educational needs and school pupils achievements, mechanisms of effective school education management as well as other, such as andragogy and gerontology, are worth indicating here.

     The Faculty takes part in large EU projects such as: postgraduate studies for teachers in the scope of school counselling, teaching a second subject, preparing to teach vocational subjects or the Internet educational centres in the countryside. The Faculty co-organized, among the others, the 6th Forum of Polonia Education System with activists of Polonia organizations from 17 countries as participants.
     The Chair of Intercultural Education, Departments: General Didactics, History of Education, Social Pedagogy and Preschool and Early Primary School Pedagogy, organize scientific debates that have taken a regular place in the calendar of Polish national scientific events. 16 scientific student groups are active at the Faculty.
The most important research projects:
- European Quality Standards for Later Learning in Intergenerational, Intercultural and ICT-based Settings – IANUS research training grant;
- Models of teaching reading skills education in pre-schools and preparedness to read and reading skills of 6-year-old children;
- Violence against the elderly as exemplified by the environmental research in Podlasie;
- Mother’s social role in rural family in the Second Republic of Poland;
- School education of Polish Tatars in 1918-1939.
Pedagogy with the following specializations: Early School Education and Pre-school Education, Early School Education, Pre-school Education, Cultural Animation art Art Therapy, Education for Security, Media Education, Revalidation Pedagogy, Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Cultural Pedagogy
Social Policy (in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Management)
Social Work

The Faculty is entitled to confer the university degree of doctor of humanities in the field of pedagogy.