Faculty of History and International Relations

address: Plac NZS 1, 15-420 Białystok
phone: 85 745 74 43
fax: 85 745 75 29
e-mail: dean@uwb.edu.pl
www: http://historia.uwb.edu.pl/
dr hab. Joanna Katarzyna Sadowska, prof. UwB


The first KBN’s category (State Committee for Scientific Research) and PKA’s accreditations (State Accreditation Committee) for History and Sociology prove a high level of education offered at the Faculty of History and Sociology. The Faculty specializes in interdisciplinary research on the Republic of Poland’s eastern Borderland and its scientific and cultural heritage, with the particular focus on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
The University of Bialystok scientists take part in the eastern-European philosophical initiative, within which they conduct common research on the Borderland (Bialystok, Grodno, Vilnius). The Faculty historians organize generally recognized scientific conferences, including the cyclical event Common Heritage of North-Eastern Lands of the Former Republic of Poland.
They publish a scientific periodical Podlasie Studies and a popular science journal Gryfita. The Institute of Sociology at the University of Bialystok, which has been more often than not referred to as the Bialystok School of Sociology, publishes Borderland and Social Studies.The Institute staff founded the Bialystok Centre of Social Researchand and Initiatives.
The Faculty students are one of the most activeat at our University. Projects implemented by the Scientific Student Group of Historians, Scientific Student Group of Sociologistsor or Student Group of Visual Anthropology are well credited not only in academic circles.

The most important research projects:
- Europe and the United States of North America in the 19th
and 20th centuries;
- North-eastern lands in the history of Poland;
- Borderland, borderlandness, trans-borderland, transborderlandness;
- Changes of north-eastern Poland’s cities and villages during the Transformation and within the framework of European Union;
- Cultural dimension of social structure;
- Philosophical theories of democracy.
History with the following specializations: Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, Social History, History of Culture
International Relations
Sociology with the following specializations: Sociology of Economy, Sociology of Multiculturalism, Sociology of Business and New Technologies, Civil Society and Regional Policy
The Faculty is entitled to confer the degree of doctor of humanities in the field of sociology, whereas the Institute of History and Political Sciences in the field of history. Moreover the Faculty is entitled to grant the degree of doctor habilitatus of humanities in the field of history.