Faculty of Law

prof. dr hab. Emil Walenty Pływaczewski

ul. Mickiewicza 1, 15-213 Białystok
tel.: +48 85 745 71 46
fax: +48 85 740 60 89
e-mail: wp-sekr@uwb.edu.pl
www: prawo.uwb.edu.pl

The Faculty of Law is one of the best legal departments in Poland and has been awarded the first research category by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

     It was awarded the highest first note by the Research Commission for Science Development in the area “Social, Economic and Legal Sciences”. World famous lawyers as well as top Polish politicians deliver guest lectures at the Faculty. The Faculty scientific staff initiate the implementation of EU projects that are crucial for the country and the region: Friendly Administration. European Legal Concepts in Public Sector Management. Public and Private Partnership and Regional Development Programming. Transborder Exchange of Experiences.

     The Faculty has its own publishing house Temida 2, which is one of the best legal publishing houses in Poland. Students may join as many as 22 student organizations, where they can develop their interests.

     The most creative are: Scientific Student Group of European Law, Scientific Student Group of Tax Law, and Scientific Student Group of Social Theories at University of Bialystok.

The most important research projects:
- Monitoring, identification and countermeasures against threats concerning citizens’ security
- Entrepreneurship in Podlasie region (legal and functional problems)

- Agreements in the Polish criminal procedure as evaluated by practitioners
- Legal and organizational structure of health care in Poland including sociological determinants – development trends
- Coercive measures of leaving the Polish territory by foreigners.

Public Administration
European Studies
National Security

The Faculty is entitled to confer the university degree of doctor of legal science and doctor habilitatus (postdoctoral degree) in the field of law.