Based on the scientific and research activity, in June 2006 the Faculty of Law was been ranked with the highest first category in the social, economic and legal science. The category is granted by the Research Commission for Science Development at the Council of Science and reflects the level of scientific development and research engagement of the particular academic unit.

There are eight statutory research projects carried out at the Faculty covering a variety of problems in constitutional, financial, civil, administrative and labor law. Individual research projects are conducted by ten Faculty coordinators. Each project focuses on a different legal topic both in national law (such as tax relieves, corruption, economic and fiscal crimes, rights and obligations of employees) and EU legal order (including Community financial law, European administrative area, EU migration policy). The Faculty’s statistics on research grants provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are also impressive. Since 2003, sixteen proposals (in different fields including financial, tax, criminal, civil, European and family law) have gained the ministerial support and received relevant financial support.

License to confer the university degree of doctor of legal science was granted to the Faculty of Law by the Central Commission for University Titles and University Degrees in 1994, three years later the Faculty was granted the license to confer the university degree of „doktor habilitowany” (postdoctoral degree) in the field of law. Since then, 15 procedures to confer the postdoctoral degree were approved and 104 doctoral degrees were conferred.