Faculty of Philology

address: Plac NZS 1, 15-420 Białystok
phone: 85 745 74 46
fax: 85 745 74 78
e-mail: filolog@uwb.edu.pl
www: http://filologia.uwb.edu.pl
prof. dr hab. Jarosław Mariusz Ławski


The Faculty of Philology is renowned in Poland and abroad for its publishing activity, in particular for the outstanding series: Black Romanticism, Library of Memory and Thought, Poetics and Horizons of Tradition, Culture and Future, Satire in Eastern-Slavic Literatures, Literary Cycle in Poland. Several acclaimed periodicals are also published here, such as: Bialystok Linguistic Archive, Idea, Studies on the Structure and Development of Philosophical Concepts, Archeus, Studies on Bioethics and Philosophical Anthropology, Eastern Slavic Studies, Slavic Studies.

     The Institute of Polish Philology conducts a cycle of open lectures In “the Centre of Europe” – Regional Writings (Literature and Language); it also organizes important international conferences, e.g. J. Slowacki’s Beauty. The Institute of Eastern-Slavic Philology, which cooperates with academic centres in Belarus: Minsk, Grodno and Brest, has been developing intensively.
     The Polish Philology students and teachers invite popular writers and literature researchers to visit our University, among others Marcin Świetlicki, Eustachy Rylski, Prof. Alina Kowalczykowa. Student Academic Circles operating at the Faculty (Polish Philology Circle, the INTEgRa Circle, Philological Circle of Film Experts) are among the most active at the University. Literary activities of the Association “Factory of Bestsellers” are also well credited by the academic environment.

 The most important research projects:
- Man in the borderland of cultures – the Second Republic of Poland’s frontier in literature;
- Audiovisual culture in Poland: perspectives, threats and chances;
- Onomastics and languages of the Polish-Eastern-Slavic borderland in a diachronic perspective;
- Dialects of north-eastern Poland;
- Old and contemporary Belorussian literature: main directions of development, trends, representatives;
- Podlasie folk culture.

Cultural studies (in cooperation with the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology) with the following specializations: Cultural Tourism, Media and Communication, Advertising and Public Relations,Third Age Culture, Podlasie Culture, Art Criticism, Film and Media Studies
Library and Information Science
Philology with the following specializations: English Philology, English for Specific Purposes with Spanish, French Philology,  Belorussian Philology, Russian Philology, Russian Philology – Language Communication in Business
Polish Philology with the following specializations: Editorial Studies, City and Region Promotion, Cultural Studies, Journalism, Philology and Editing, Philosophy and Philology, Cultural Anthropology, Information and Bibliology
The Faculty is entitled to confer the degree of doctor of humanities in the field of linguistics and literary studies.