International Cooperation


International cooperation is an important element in functioning of the University of Bialystok. It manifests itself in:

  • joint research,
  • exchange of academic teachers and research staff,
  • exchange of students,
  • co-participation in international scientific projects
  • co-organization of symposia, seminars and conferences
  • joint publications. 





International Cooperation Office

Team for Non-Degree Studies:



Anna Sylwia Maj, M.A.,, +48 85 745 70 21


Non-Degree Students Coordinator:

Sylwia Leszczuk, M.A.,, +48 85 745 70 80





ICO Location

International Cooperation Office

University of Bialystok

Swierkowa 20 B street,

15-328 Bialystok, Poland

phone: +48 85 745 70 89

fax: +48 85 745 70 89



Our office is located in the Rectorate Building at Swierkowa 20B street, Bialystok, at ground floor, room 11.

Section for non-degree students is located at ground floor, room 9A.

The office is open from Monday till Friday, 8am till 3pm.