Mentor – a helping hand


Each exchange student coming to UwB can rely on a “helping hand” from a Polish student – they are called Mentors. They are all united in a great organization functioning at UwB for years – ESN UwB. Its main aim is to help incoming foreign students, who need to settle into their new environment. Mentors will help you in academic, social and practical integration process. Each academic semester they organize lots of activities, so that they can meet international students’ needs in best possible way. Please, find the examples below:


  • show the international students where the faculties, laboratories, libraries, International Cooperation Office, gym, dormitory, cafeterias, foreign language centre, POLLANDO etc. are.


  • show the international students where the bus stations, biker rentals, shopping’s etc. are.
  • help the international students to buy SIM Cards, connect with Wi-Fi, get a bus ticket, open a bank account etc.


  • organize lots of cultural and social events, trips to various places, theme nights such as film night, language projects, international food fests etc.

In case you would like to have a Mentor, please inform ICO by email (non-degree students), (Erasmus+ students).

A Mentor will do their best to support and help the international student with whenever they need, but please remember that every Mentor is a volunteer. Please be understanding in case they are engrossed in other matters and might be not available.



 Contact with ESN UwB: