International Cooperation

Data wydarzenia 08-06-2020

International cooperation is an important element in functioning of the University of Bialystok. It manifests itself in:

  • joint research,
  • exchange of academic teachers and research staff,
  • exchange of students,
  • co-participation in international scientific projects
  • co-organization of symposia, seminars and conferences
  • joint publications. 

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Exchange program for Chineese students - Academic year 2018/2019

  • General information

The exchange program is designed for the students from the Chinese Universities, with which the University of Bialystok has the agreement with. During the academic year 2018/2019, the students will be offered one semester or one year program consisted of courses in the English language. The students can choose maximum of 6 courses within their primary faculty. The obligatory part of the exchange program is the English language course. Upon the completion of the exchange program,  the students receive the certificate and the transcript of grades.

The University of Bialystok provides the accommodation for the students at the dormitory, based on the availability. The students are obligated to cover the cost of the accommodation.

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If you are interested in the exchange program, please fill out the following Application Form.
This application must be completed in the ENGLISH language on the COMPUTER. Please send the signed copy of this application together with the page from your passport containing personal information and photo to the International Cooperation Office at:

Please find the contact information to the International Cooperation Office below:

University of Bialystok
International Cooperation Office
M. Sklodowskiej - Curie 14,
15-097 Bialystok, Poland
telephone: +48 85 745 70 21
fax: +48 85 745 70 89