Practical Student Information

Data wydarzenia 08-06-2020
Bialystok is well connected with other cities in the country and the region, including Polish capital – Warsaw. 

You can get in and out of the city by car, bus and train. Within the city you can use the public transportation (buses) and city bikes.Taxi services are also available in reasonable rates.

Living expenses:

Bialystok  is a non-expensive city - comparing to other cities in Europe and in Poland.

Price examples include:
  • dormitory room: 100 EUR/month                     
  • monthly bus ticket: 10 EUR
  • lunch at student canteen: 4-5 EUR                          
  • 1 l. of coca-cola: 1 EUR

Student life in Bialystok: 
You have big choice! We have many pubs, bars, discos, museums, theaters, cinemas and an opera house.


The University of Bialystok offers international students comfortable accommodation in dormitories. 

For more information, please click here.

There are also plenty of rent possibilities throughout  the city.