Would you like to study in Europe? Would you like to to study in Poland? Do it!

Data wydarzenia 08-06-2020
Poland is a wonderful, fast developing country in the middle of Europe. There are some good arguments to choose it!
The reality of Poland:
  • 38 million inhabitants 
  • very safe country, with low crime rate
  • splendid sightseeing, 16 million foreign tourists annually

The Economy of Poland:

  • sixth largest in the European Union 
  • twenty third biggest in the World
  • fastest growing in Europe 
  • avoided the recession in 2009 as the only country in Europe
  • to join the G-20 list by 2022
There are many reasons to come study in Poland. Here are a few important ones:
  1. Fourth biggest European country in the number of students: 1.5 milion students at 400 Universities
  2. Polish degree recognized internationally
  3. Lower costs of living with high quality of life and studies
  4. Polish society – one of the best educated in the world
  5. Potential recognized by Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft