Frequently asked questions & answers 



How can I recieve the refund of deposit?

Instead of paying the fee for the Dormitory for the last month of your stay, you can cover this expense with the deposit money. To do so, inform the Non-Degree Program Coordinator about such decision by writing an e-mail on this topic at

If you had already paid the accomodation fee for the last month of your stay at the University of Bialystok, you can apply for a refund of your deposit money, proven that the room you were assigned remains in the same condition as upon your admission.

To receive the refund of the deposit inform the Administration of the Dormitories about the date of your departure (Dormitory no. 1, Zeromskiego 1 Street, room no. 18). You will be granted a written request with the amount of money you shall receive - remember that you may not receive a full amount of due refund, based on the possible payment shortcomings from possible previous obligations. 

Please visit the International Cooperation Office at Swierkowa 20B Street, room no. 11, taking the written request and your passport with you. If your request will be approved by the Financial Department of the University of Bialystok, you shall receive your deposit money in cash in the Millenium Bank at the 4 Curie-Sklodowska Street. To be able to withdraw your money, please take your passport with you to the office of the Millenium Bank. 

Please be mindful that the process may take some time, therefore be sure to apply for a refund at least one week before the day of your departure. 



May I prolong my stay at the University of Bialystok within the framework of the Non-Degree Program if originally I applied for one semester exchange? 

Yes. Be mindful, that within the framework of the Non-Degree Program you may study at the University of Bialystok for maximum two semesters. 

If you are an EU citizen just inform your Faculty Coorinator and Non-Degree Program Coordinator about your preference and prepare Learning Agreement for a new semester in agreement with the Course Offer and with the help of your Faculty Coordinator. Please remember to contact your Home Institution and inform it about your decision to stay and receive an assertion, that the new Learning Agreement will be accepted by your University upon your return. 

If you are a non-EU citizen, be mindful of the validity of your visa. Usually to continue your stay in Poland in order to participate in additional semester, you will have to eighter prolong your visa or apply for a temporary residence permit. To receive help in this matter, please contact the International Cooperation Office at least one month prior to the expiry date of your visa.