POLLANDO was founded in September 2013. Our classes are offered to both foreigners who wish to learn Polish and people with Polish origins who live abroad. Beginners easily master the language basics necessary in a variety of communicative situations. Learners are encouraged to start speaking Polish as early as their first class.

                                                    Offer for Erasmus+ students:                 Polish Language Course: 60h per semester, 6 ECTS


You can add this subject to your Learning Agreement or you can attend classes without adding it to your schedule. The class hours are usually given during information meetings.


What are the POLLANDO lessons like?

The lessons are modern as they use  the latest textbooks for teaching Polish.

Our efficient staff is experienced in teaching multinational groups of students in different age groups.

Dynamic teaching through play, so student will never get bored.


Diverse teaching of all language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, which is combined with culture elements.

The material taught is frequently revised to follow international language standards

Our teachers are friendly and open to other cultures; they have international experience in teaching Polish to people with various cultural backgrounds.



Address: Plac Niezależnego Zrzeszenia Studentów 1, 15-420 Bialystok