Polish-European School of Law

SPINAKER - Intensive International Curriculum

The Polish-European School of Law (PESL) is the Intensive international curriculum (IIC) organized by the University of Białystok as part of the SPINAKER programme of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, agreement number BPI/SPI/2021/1/00034/U/00001.  Project duration: from 01/06/2022 to 31/08/2023.

Project goals:

1. Creation of a specialized IIC conducted in a blended formula
2. Conducting two editions of PESP for 40 students, 50 lecture hours long
3. Recruitment of participants
4. Raising the level of internationalization

Granted funds: 315 290,00 PLN.

The program is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program, non-competitive project entitled "Supporting the institutional capacity of Polish universities through the creation and implementation of international study programs" (Action: 3.3 Internationalization of Polish higher education), specified in the application for project funding no. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN16/18.

The school is aimed to international students from the European Union, associated countries and third countries studying law, economics, accounting and finance or related fields of study.

Each of the two planned editions of the School will be attended by 20 participants,  a total of 40 foreign students.

The PESL program includes specialized issues in the field of basic branches of Polish and European law and elements of economy, in particular: constitutional law and the Polish system, administrative law, economic and customs law, elements of civil law, elements of criminal law. The program will include issues from broadly understood European law, in particular the sources of European Union law, including primary and secondary law, principles of EU law, European Union bodies, citizenship of the European Union, the Visa Code, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the European Higher Education Area and others. In the economic part, the program will cover the basics of economics and business, free movement of goods within the European Union, economic relations of the European Union with associated countries, with particular emphasis on access to the common market. The program also aims to familiarize participants with the culture and history of Poland, including a visit to Tykocin and Supraśl.

The Polish-European Law School classes of 50 teaching hours will be held in blended learning, in one continuous 4-week cycle, of which two weeks in a remote form, synchronously via the Internet. On the other hand, two weeks of classes will be conducted at the headquarters of the University in Białystok. In the middle of the stationary cycle, there will be a study, cultural and historical visit to Tykocin and Supraśl. Students participating in PESL will receive in electronic form teaching materials prepared by lecturers conducting classes. In addition, participants will visit the University of Bialystok, including the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Finance, A. Myrcha Nature Museum, Planetarium, University Library, University Cultural Center. Foreign students will also have meetings with employees of the University Recruitment Center and International Cooperation Office, from whom they will receive information on the possibility of studying at UB, mobility exchange programs, "non-degree" program, international scholarships.

At the end of the Polish-European Law School, its participants will receive a certificate confirming participation in the PESL together with information about the received ECTS points and an attachment in the form of a list containing a description of the subjects completed and the number of teaching hours assigned to them.

The first edition of PESP will take place in November 2022, the second in May 2023.

Project results:

1. Conduct in a mixed form of two PESLs
2. Preparation of teaching materials
3. Acquainting PESL participants with the educational offer
4. Acquainting PESL participants with the historical and cultural values of Podlasie region


Financial support for students

A student qualified for participation in the project will receive a scholarship of 5000 PLN (approx. 1060 EUR).

Thanks to the scholarship, students will be able to  pay for travel to Poland, accommodation in our dormitory, meals, insurance etc.

In addition, every student will receive a grant for public transport in Białystok.



Recruitment to PESL is conducted in accordance with the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination and includes:

a) submitting the application form with confirmation of student status and grade average,

b) submission of a copy of a certificate confirming the knowledge of the English language at B2 level, a completed language course or confirmation of the sending university obtained in the recruitment process, with the knowledge of a foreign language,

c) submitting a cover letter in which the candidate will justify in detail their willingness to participate in PESP and describe their experience related to participation in international programs.

PESL participants will be qualified by the Qualification Committee composed of: supervisor PESL, head of the IRO, project coordinator, representatives of facutlties, taking into account:

a) the student's average grade for the previous year (from 0 to 10 points),

b) student's motivation (from 0 to 10 points),

c) experience in participating in international programs
(from 0 to 5 points)

d) knowledge of English (from 0 to 5 points).

The Admissions Committee will perform the qualifications in accordance with the gender parity declared in accordance with the rules of the SPINAKER program. Qualified participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire examining their expectations. Students will be asked about organizational requirements, in particular limitations related to disabilities.


Recruitment documents for the first edition of the Polish-European School of Law, foreign students may submit by 20.10.2022. 

at the International Cooperation Office, by traditional mail sent to the address shown below or by e-mail to the address: p.bialas@uwb.edu.pl or p.bialas@pracownik.uwb.edu.pl 


Detailed information and recruitement is provided by:

supervisor of the Polish-European School of Law: dr hab. Jarosław Matwiejuk, prof. UwB, Vice-Rector for Development

project coordinator: mgr Piotr Białas, e-mail: p.bialas@uwb.edu.pl or p.bialas@pracownik.uwb.edu.pl 

International Cooperation Office

University of Bialystok

ul. Świerkowa 20B room 11

15-328 Białystok