Orientation week includes:

  • Meeting with the program coordinator
  • Registration at the Student’s House
  • Health certificate (25 EUR)
  • Health insurance (25 EUR per month)
  • Student card (5 EUR) authorizing to 50% discount for public transportation
  • Getting to know the city and University


double rooms in a Dormitory (with bathroom, fridge, kitchen on every floor, Internet connection) for 90 EUR per  month. The Internet is paid separately (15 EUR). Deposit required (90 EUR).

Approximate costs of living: 

  • housing: c.a. 90 EUR per month in UwB Dormitory, about 300 EUR per month in private sector per month 
  • food: 150-220 EUR per month (bread 0.5 EUR, milk 0.6 EUR, juice 1 EUR, dinner 3-4 EUR)
  • transport: 10 EUR for monthly public travel card 
  • leisure: monthly fitness club or swimming pool card c.a. 30 EUR
  • coffee in coffee shop c.a. 1.20 EUR
  • cinema ticket c.a. 5 EUR, beer in a pub c.a. 1.20 EUR