Bialystok City


Transportation in Bialystok

Public transportation

Bialystok is a city which is well connected, with many bus routes all over the city and around. The students can buy the individual tickets in BKM offices, in buses, supermarkets, kiosks.

Individual tickets (prices given in PLN):

  • 4 normal / 2 student*
  • 3 normal/1,50 student - electronic tickets

Monthly tickets (prices given in PLN):

- Monthly/30 days – approx. 100,00 normal / 50,00 student*

An electronic BKM card is required to buy a monthly ticket. It is available in a BKM office at Lipowa 16 street or Skladowa 11 street. To purchase the BKM card, the student needs to have their passport and a student ID card. The mentor assigned to each international student can help with that.

*student tickets are available only with valid student ID card

To find out more (bus timetables, bus stops, routes etc.) download an app or check BKM's website:


Bikers and scooters


There is a Bialystok Municipal Bike Transportation called BiKeR. It provides an alternative form of transport, allowing its users to move fast around the city. It supplements the municipal transport in Bialystok. There are approx. 60 stations located in different parts of the city, offering approx. 625 bikes. First 30 min of using are free of charge.

To find out more about this possibility (register, log in, download an app, check where the bikers stations are etc.), please visit its official website


One of alternative way of transportation in Bialystok are scooters, allowing its users to move around the city fast. It can be found, booked and unlocked on the map, via phone app. It costs approx. 0.65 PLN per minute of using and 0.10 PLN per minute of parking (if necessary).

To find out more about this possibility (register, log in, download an app, check where the scooters are etc.), please visit its official website

Btown lifestyle

To find out more about cultural sightseeing, yummy food, good night’s sleep, activity time, shopping or nightlife - visit

To find out more about Podlasie visit:


Cost of living in Bialystok



The cost of living in Bialystok is slightly lower than in other big cities in Poland. The monthly cost of living per student is approximately 1400-1800 PLN (290-380 EUR)

1 EUR = approx. 4.80 PLN

1 PLN = approx. 1.8 RMB


Average cost of monthly living

460 PLN  (95 EUR) Accommodation in the student's dormitory

700-1000 PLN (145-210 EUR) Food costs

2 PLN (0.42 EUR) Single bus ticket

50 PLN (11 EUR) Monthly bus ticket for students

400 PLN (83 EUR) Leisure (books, cinema, restaurant)

Eg. Coffee/Cup 13 PLN/3 EUR, Salad/Bowl 25 PLN/5.2 EUR, Donut 5 PLN/1.00 EUR, Beverage/Bottle 4 PLN/0.8 EUR, Cake/Piece 15 PLN/3.10 EUR



The students need to be aware of:



Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited. Fine 100-500 PLN.


Smoking is not allowed in forbidden areas such us, bus stops, train stations or most of the restaurant and the fine is up to 500 PLN.

Dropping cigarette on the street is forbidden and the fine is 50-500 PLN.